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Traditional tattooing might be unnerving because of its permanence and lengthy procedure.

Needles scare me, yet I'm quite interested in obtaining some kind of body art or skin decorating. Additionally, the possibility of growing to despise a "needle" tattoo has me apprehensive. When was the last time you looked into how much it would cost to have a tattoo covered up? Tattoo removal often costs three times as much as having the tattoo itself. After doing some research, I came across several great options for non-permanent body art, and I want to give them a try before heading to the tattoo shop.

Henna Tattoos, a Stunning Alternative to Traditional Tattoos

Henna tattoos are becoming more popular again, and I can see why. After prepping the skin with mehlabiya oil, a paste is created from the dried, powdered leaves of the Lawsonia Inermis henna plant and applied. Next, a stencil is used to transfer the paste to the skin.

Henna tattoo stencils are reusable and available in an amazing range of styles. In reality, the paste may be applied again and again until you get a dark brown or virtually black hue. This process takes about an hour or two each time. The color continues to develop to a rusty-orange or reddish tone if the paste is applied just once, dried, and then removed. In that regard, it is similar to self-tanning lotion.

Henna tattoos are applied without a license and are thought to be safe for all skin types (outside of those who have an allergic reaction to Henna). You may extend the life of your henna tattoo by four weeks by avoiding harsh soaps and using Vaseline before going into chlorinated water.

A henna kit, which typically contains the paste, stencil(s), and other necessities, may be purchased for less than $20. Approximately 25 tattoos of medium size may be made with a single bottle of Henna dye.

Piercings are a second option to tattoos.

Yes, we are well aware that many people sport nose, tongue, lip, eyebrow, and belly button rings among their many other piercings. While formerly common, facial piercings have fallen out of favor as more and more companies have instituted policies prohibiting employees from displaying what they see as "distracting and unprofessional" body art while on the clock. The beauty of piercings, however, is that the jewelry may be easily removed (or swapped out) whenever the wearer so chooses. My main concern with getting a piercing is the lengthy recovery period required, which varies greatly from one body part to the next.