The Accelerator exists to catalyse and accelerate priority initiatives towards a “climate-smart” zone -  it will do so by identifying and uniting commitments to building a more sustainable and resilient future for island nations through collaboration between national governments, regional and international institutions as well as public and private sector organisations.

The Accelerator will not duplicate existing efforts; it will serve to facilitate and share knowledge, helping to fast-track existing projects and catalyse innovative partnerships between countries and organisations. 


We are always keen to hear about innovative projects that are helping the Caribbean become the world’s first climate-smart zone. To offer an understanding of the types of projects & suppliers that we will seek to work with, please see below.

We work within 5 key focus areas:

  1. Resilient Infrastructure & Smart Cities

  2. Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

  3. Electric Vehicle Fleets

  4. Innovative Financing

  5. Oceans & Agriculture: the Blue Economy and the Green Economy

We will seek projects that are the best fit with our strategic goals. Projects that:

  • Encourage multi-country implementation, communication and information sharing

  • Use a blended finance or innovative finance model

  • Provide permanent solutions to climate challenges

  • Offer significant job creation or employment opportunities

  • Incorporate one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals

In addition, we will also take in to account:

  • Envisaged benefits for social, environmental and economic situation of the recipient country or region

  • Levels of stakeholder commitment & local priority

  • Innovation of the project

  • Growth potential and scalability

  • Operational, logistical and practical manageability

Supplier Roster

CCSA maintains a supplier roster of organizations that provide climate-smart products and services and can add value to the Accelerator’s projects and operations.  

The roster is a vetted list of organizations and differs from the supplier database, which includes all entities on our radar, including those not approved as suppliers.  

If you are a supplier of who fits this criteria and would like to be added to our roster, please fill in our Supplier Roster Form HERE.

Membership on the supplier roster is subject to CCSA approval and due diligence searches.