We’re building
the world's first climate-smart zone


The world’s first climate-smart zone?

A climate-smart zone modernizes digital, physical and social infrastructure to address the challenges of climate change, and secure a low carbon future for the region.

We’re shaping the Caribbean to be the world’s first climate-smart zone. The Accelerator is a not-for-profit organization building more resilient countries, cities and industries through private and public partnerships.


In its landmark 2018 report, the IPCC predicted that we have only 12 years to implement transformative climate action


Source: IPCC Report


This is how we
take action

We work with Caribbean Governments to identify their climate-smart goals and where they need help meeting them. We then convene with climate-smart projects, organizations and suppliers to move these goals forward.


Our focus areas

Resilient Infrastructure & Smart Cities, Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency, Oceans & Agriculture and Innovative Financing

Our projects fall under five pillars, each aiming to move the Caribbean into a climate-smart zone and ready us for inevitable environmental changes ahead.


There are many ways to help the Caribbean become the first climate-smart zone

...as a proud Jamaican I’m used to winning, so I’d appreciate it if we could be the first Caribbean country to get [climate-smart] so that we can keep the name of fastest Carribean Island…
— Usain Bolt