Financial Advisory Committee (FAC)

Welcome to the Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) – an esteemed group of Chief Executives and senior executives from leading regional financial institutions. Our primary goal is to empower investment-ready projects by connecting them with suitable financing mechanisms. Through our collective expertise and extensive professional networks, we enhance access to funding and drive innovation in financing Climate-Smart projects across the region. Join us in revolutionizing the financial landscape for sustainable initiatives.

The FAC is primarily responsible for:

  • Evaluating a pipeline of projects to be funded through the mechanisms within their institutions;
  • Participating in blended financial instruments;
  • Advising on the optimum financial structure to successfully bring projects to fruition; and
  • Serving as a knowledge resource for the Leadership Team and Board of Directors on building out the investment readiness of the Caribbean.


ANSA Merchant Bank, T&T

Caribbean Development Bank

CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank

Delta Capital Partners Jamaica Limited

IDB Invest

Gregory Hill

Managing Director

Daniel Best

Director of Projects

Donna Wellington

Managing Director, Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean

Ivan Carter

Group CEO, Director, and Partner

Alicia Taylor

Investment Management Lead Officer

Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited

Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited

Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited


Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation

John Peter Clarke

General Manager, Credit and Enterprise Risk

Naomi De Allie

Managing Director

Stephen Grell

Managing Director

Nigel Edwards

Executive Director