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This is what we are looking for:

High Impact

Projects with positive, transformative potential across areas aligned with the Accelerator’s strategy of economic, social and environmental resilience, and climate mitigation & adaptation.

Climate Focused

Low risk projects that have strong political will and sponsorship, local ownership where there are strong execution partners to implement.


Caribbean Centric

We are actively seeking regional initiatives capable of delivering immediate, positive impact and producing measurable results within a short timeframe.


Featured Projects

High Impact, Climate Focused, Caribbean Centric

Upcoming Projects

Project Preparation Facilities (PPFs)

Project preparation facilities (PPFs) are entities, programs, or institutions dedicated to aiding the creation of financially viable projects, usually from initial concept to implementation. While PPFs may operate at various stages of project development, their common objective is to connect projects with suitable financing options. The following outlines PPFs currently accessible within the Caribbean region.

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