In the countdown to COP27 in November, Commonwealth networks have been debating the path to sustainable energy. A series of online debates, organised by the Commonwealth Foundation and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, have been taking place during October 2022, focused around the needs of small and vulnerable Commonwealth states.

A “just” transition to green energy: The new Commonwealth challenge

The main difference between the $100 billion per year investment milestone and loss and damage are the mechanisms behind each.

Countries worst hit by climate change have the smartest solutions: We need to listen to them

For Racquel Moses, a UN special climate ambassador from Trinidad, the COP can’t be considered successful without tangible progress on loss and damage.

The COP can’t be considered successful without tangible progress on loss and damage.

October 20, 2022

UNGA showcases the benefits of collaboration – Caribbean Life

Developing blue economy opportunities in the Caribbean can make the region a leader in ocean-based solutions. This was the conclusion of the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (CCSA) Investor Forum on the blue economy in September - an event that featured nearly $250 million in investment-ready projects in the region, and featured several high-level speakers from the private and public sectors. During the session Dr Angus Friday, the Waitt Institute’s Director of Blue Economy, noted that Caribbean nations are becoming increasingly interested in maximising their ocean resources in a sustainable way.

Racquel Moses| The blue economy in the Caribbean: Unlocking a trillion-dollar opportunity

The Caribbean is responsible for a negligible share of global carbon emissions, yet finds itself at the forefront of climate change impacts. Adapting to these challenges means reducing the amount of carbon emissions emitted within the region and creating a sustainable economic model that values our environment and the communities that rely on them. A popular project being undertaken across the Caribbean is the development of a Blue Economy to conserve key economic drivers such as tourism, fisheries or agriculture – but there is a much larger opportunity waiting to be taken up.

Developing Caribbean Renewable Energy Opportunities To Maximize Local Solutions

The Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference 2022 starts today, with stakeholders from across the region set to discuss the latest developments within the Caribbean’s energy sector.


An Uber-like app that hails tractors for agriculture, developed in Kenya, a process turning a seaweed that is choking the Caribbean’s shores into fertiliser and using a resin from plastic waste to strengthen concrete.

Africa, Caribbean have ‘moral high ground’ on climate change – UN climate change global ambassador

Climate finance continues to be one of the biggest unresolved issues of global policy negotiations.

Racquel Moses | Building climate resilience through private finance

Islanders have a strong relationship with the oceans that surround them both from a cultural and economic point of view, making any sustainable development opportunity relating to the ocean a multi-faceted solution.

Opinion: The blue economy is the Caribbean’s opportunity to sustainably expand its economic base