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Barbados and Eastern Caribbean Youth Including Persons with  Disabilities Invited to Share Art Promoting a Sustainable  Environment in Support of UN World Oceans Day 2023

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Accelerator Lab in Barbados and the  Eastern Caribbean in collaboration / partnership with the Barbados Museum & Historical  Society (BMHS) are launching the “Paint, Sketch, Draw, Photograph, Design and Create  YOUR Sustainable Vision of the Blue-Green Futures of the Eastern Caribbean Environment!”  campaign in support of United Nations (UN) World Oceans Day 2023.  

This campaign is focused on gathering and identifying community level views, thoughts,  experiences and visions on the restoration and regeneration of the Blue and Green  Economies and by extension the intersection of ocean and climate action. To do so, the  campaign will call on Barbadian and Eastern Caribbean community members to submit their  artistic portrayals of the Futures of the Eastern Caribbean Environment, which could be  through art, poetry, spoken word and any other creative medium. This campaign will  specifically be open to regional youth (15-35 years old) including Persons with Disabilities  (PWDs). The campaign will launch on 8 June 2023, in alignment with this year’s UN World  Oceans Day, and will be available for submission for eligible applicants for a two (2) month  period, ending 8 August 2023.  

Based on the submissions received, an evaluation process conducted by a committee will  select six (6) artistic pieces for display at the BMHS over a three (3) month period from  November 2023 – January 2024, subject to the design and installation as advised by the  BMHS. Six (6) pieces will be selected; three (3) from youth and three (3) from youth PWDs.  Additionally, the pieces will potentially travel throughout the Barbados and Eastern  Caribbean region and will be featured online in a 3D space. The pieces on display will be  accompanied by a 100-150 word explanatory narrative. This campaign is open to all artistic  mediums, though submissions must fall within the dimensions of 15 inches x 15 inches due  to the exhibit’s proportions. Larger formats can be captured and submitted digitally through  photos, videos, or other virtual means. 

Through the art pieces, UNDP and the BMHS hope to shed light on new, creative, and  sustainable approaches to safeguarding and stewarding the future of the environment in the  Eastern Caribbean with potential identification of impactful solutions addressing the effects  of climate change and environmental degradation in the region.

With the support of UNDP, the Accelerator Lab in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean has been working since 2019 on surfacing and supporting such sustainable and innovative ideas.  To date, over 3,000 of these solutions in areas such as climate action, renewable energy  and poverty reduction have been mapped by the global Accelerator Lab network, which  focuses on putting UNDP’s Strategic Plan 2022-2025 into action through the use of  digitalisation and strategic innovation as enablers of the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) and 2030 agenda with emphasis on leaving no one behind. 

To apply to the “Paint, sketch, draw, photograph, design and create YOUR sustainable  vision of the Futures of the Eastern Caribbean Environment!” campaign, eligible applicants  must complete the following steps: 

  • Complete all sections in the application form:
  • Eligible applicants: Eastern Caribbean youth (15-35) including Persons with  Disabilities (PWDs) 
  • Application timeline: June 8th – August 8th, 2023  

Through the link, applicants will need to:  

  • Upload content displaying their submission  
  • Include a 150-word max. explanatory narrative associated with the submission,  including details on the sustainable Eastern Caribbean future shared  

For further information please visit: and-eastern-caribbean-accelerator-lab 

For media queries, please e-mail: