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Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator Unveils Groundbreaking Climate Smart Map at COP28

CCSA Finance Innovation Director Cheryl Senhouse engaging in a fireside chat with Director of Public Sector Projects Kiesha Farnum.

[Dubai, December 1, 2023] — The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (CCSA) marked a historic milestone today with the launch of their Climate Smart Map, an interactive platform with climate action data from over 26 countries, at the CARICOM Pavilion during the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai.

Developed in collaboration with donors, Templeton World Charity Foundation and suppliers including PwC Trinidad and Tobago and Vizzuality, the Climate Smart Map is a comprehensive tool designed to empower decision-making for climate resilience and sustainability across the Caribbean. The interactive web-based map was demonstrated at the event titled “Empowering Climate Resilience and Sustainability Through Technology: Insights and Innovations.”

Racquel Moses, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Global Ambassador and CEO of the CCSA emphasised the significance of this groundbreaking initiative. “The launch of the Climate Smart Map propels us toward the realisation of our vision for the Caribbean as the world’s first Climate-Smart Zone. With this powerful tool, we are equipped with current data that empowers policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, project developers, private sector leaders, NGOs, and all stakeholders to embark on a journey of impactful decision-making. The information at our fingertips enables us to judiciously allocate resources, ensuring they are deployed with precision, timing, and purpose across 26 nations. The Climate Smart Map emerges as a guiding force, steering us towards strategic climate action, both in terms of adaptation and mitigation. As we navigate this path, it becomes a beacon for directing climate finance, strategically channelling investments to areas where they yield maximum impact, truly making a transformative difference in the face of climate challenges. Together, we embark on a journey of innovation and resilience, paving the way for a brighter and sustainable future for the entire Caribbean region.

The Climate Smart Map identifies specific location parameters, climate risk and vulnerability, climate adaptation efforts, climate readiness, and climate governance. This user-friendly snapshot provides a timely and necessary climate solution for the region, offering insights into needs, gaps, and opportunities.

PwC Trinidad and Tobago Partner and Consulting Leader, Zia Paton, referencing an IMF publication underscored the importance of the roadmap’s development noting that, “While the region is not a significant net contributor to global anthropogenic carbon emissions (less than 1%), the impact of climate change is disproportionately severe with costs from adverse weather events for the region accounting for close to 40% of total global damages. For some countries, losses well exceed the size of their economy and range up to 225% of GDP for just one event. She continued, “The map being developed provides a path to tangible solutions desperately needed for driving greater climate resilience for the region.” 

Vizzuality, a key collaborator in the map’s development, emphasised the importance of representing data in a simple yet compelling way. The interactive tool is designed to be user-friendly for investors, entrepreneurs, project developers, policymakers, students, advocates and the Caribbean general public.

The Climate Smart Map is a pivotal pillar of the CCSA’s mandate and will be continuously updated. The map has implications for realising other CCSA pillars, including transitioning to 90% renewable energy by 2035, protecting 30% of Caribbean land and water by 2030, and supporting the development of 1.5% green jobs in a new climate action economic sector for the region.

As the map takes centre stage at COP28, the CCSA invites global stakeholders to explore this dynamic tool, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making for a sustainable and resilient Caribbean. 

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