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The Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) of the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (CCSA), which will connect investors with climate-focused investment projects, will be inaugurated on June 9, 2022. By participating in blended financial instruments and advising on the best financial structure to bring such projects to fruition, this Climate Focused Committee hopes to increase funding available for transformative climate investment in the Caribbean region.

Chief Executives of regional financial institutions have been invited to participate in the FAC. The committee is made up of 10 members, and its goal is to find and develop funding sources suitable for projects at various stages of development, as well as to have potential funding sources compete and collaborate to provide the best solution for projects in the Caribbean.

They will all collaborate to improve project funding and collaboration throughout the region. These individuals will assist in the identification of acceptable financing mechanisms for viable initiatives.

  1. Cheryl Senhouse – Finance & Innovation Director Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator
  2. Gregory Hill – Managing Director, ANSA Merchant Bank Limited
  3. Daniel Best – Director, Projects Department, Caribbean Development Bank
  4. Donna Wellington – Managing Director – Barbados and Eastern Caribbean CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank
  5. Ivan Carter – Group CEO, Delta Capital Partners
  6. Alicia Taylor – Investment Lead Officer, IDB Invest
  7. John Peter Clarke – General Manager, Credit and Enterprise Risk Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited
  8. Naomi DeAllie – Managing Director, Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited
  9. Stephen Grell – Managing Director, Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited
  10. Nigel Edwards – Executive Director, Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation

The CCSA is grateful to all members of the FAC for allowing access to their valuable experience and professional networks in order to improve the delivery of innovative climate smart project financing across the region.