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First-Of-Its-Kind Investor Toolkit for Climate Resilience Solutions

“The Unavoidable Opportunity: Investing in the Growing Market for Climate Resilience Solutions ” is released by the Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment Group (GARI) in partnership with MSCI Sustainability Institute, the Lightsmith Group, the Bezos Earth Fund, and ClimateWorks Foundation.

A group of leading financial and philanthropic organizations today released an investor report and toolkit highlighting climate resilience solutions as a key growth industry of the 21st century. “The Unavoidable Opportunity”  presents a first-of-its-kind, AI-powered framework identifying a universe of over 800 publicly traded companies in the business of resilience along with methods investors can use to find these companies and incorporate climate resilience into investment product design.

The report is authored by GARI, a leader in climate finance, with data and analytics provided in partnership with the MSCI Sustainability Institute and The Lightsmith Group. It was released in conjunction with a new framework for Climate Resilience Investments in Solutions Principles (CRISP) developed by GARI to provide a comprehensive approach to identify relevant companies considering all regions, growth stages, asset classes and sectors.

Download the new research report and the CRISP investment framework