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Unleash Your Environmental Innovation: Caribbean Call for Earthshot Prize 2024

Join us in the race to repair our planet!

In a world where the urgency to combat environmental challenges has never been greater, the 2024 Earthshot Prize stands as a beacon of hope and change. This prestigious global environmental prize and platform for impact is on a quest to uncover and support groundbreaking global solutions that will play a pivotal role in healing our Earth by the end of this decade. 

We are thrilled to proudly announce that the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator, CCSA, has earned the prestigious role of being an official nominator for the 2024 Earthshot Prize. As part of this remarkable global community, we have been selected for our ability to identify the most impactful solutions across all sectors, worldwide. Together, we will nominate Caribbean individuals, communities, businesses, and organizations whose innovative solutions drive progress towards achieving the five Earthshots – simple yet ambitious goals that, if achieved by 2030, will enhance life for us all and for generations to come.

The Earthshots are clear and compelling:

  • Protect and Restore Nature
  • Clean our Air
  • Revive our Oceans
  • Build a Waste-Free World
  • Fix our Climate

The Earthshot Prize is not just a call for ideas; it’s a call for actionable change. We seek solutions that have gone beyond the idea stage, that have been tested in the field or with target audiences, and that stand at the ‘tipping point’ for scaling their impact within the next five years. If you’re wondering what criteria The Earthshot Prize looks for in their nominees, please refer to the new 2023 Roadmap for detailed guidance.

Now, here’s your call to action: If you have a solution that is inspiring, inclusive, and impactful, we invite you to submit your project before Wednesday, November 15, 2023. You are the driving force behind the change our planet desperately needs, and we want to accelerate your efforts.

Learn more about the Earthshot Prize and how you can take part in this transformative journey by visiting our Earthshot Webpage.

Once nominations are submitted, they undergo a rigorous assessment process that culminates in the selection of 15 finalists, from which the final five winners are chosen by none other than Prince William and the Earthshot Prize Council. These winners will each receive one million pounds, and all 15 finalists will join The Earthshot Fellowship Programme for a year of dedicated support. Moreover, they will gain an incredible platform to amplify their work, along with tailored support from The Earthshot Prize and their extensive network of NGOs, businesses, governments, funders, and expert mentors.

The time to act is now, and the Caribbean’s innovative solutions can be the driving force that leads us towards a brighter, sustainable future. Together, let’s make a difference for our planet and for generations to come.