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Port of Spain, June 23, 2022 – The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (CCSA) has launched a programme aimed at engaging local communities and change-makers to develop sustainable solutions capable of making the Caribbean the world’s first Climate-Smart Zone. Its Volunteer programme will tackle climate-related challenges in the region. 

The CCSA’s Volunteer program will focus on supporting the Accelerator’s mission by training volunteers to carry out essential activities central to the CCSA’s functioning.  By providing volunteers with valuable work experience and training in the sustainable development and climate finance sector, the CCSA hopes to engage a range of skilled persons from all walks of life to participate in making the Caribbean the world’s first Climate-Smart Zone. Last week, 47 volunteers from The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago were inducted into the programme.


This marks the largest response that CCSA has received in its outreach for volunteers. The Accelerator’s main goal is to help transform the region’s economy by accelerating climate action and economic growth. It does so by matchmaking projects with sources of funding and collaborators within the public and private sector, while also helping develop new initiatives capable of making the region the world’s first Climate-Smart Zone.

These volunteers  will work with the CCSA to develop a wide-reaching action plan that will help mobilize entrepreneurs, individuals, and companies within the Caribbean to take action on climate change.  Interested in becoming a CCSA Volunteer? Please reach out to us at the Accelerator’s website contact page.