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Keen on collaborating with other stakeholders capable of driving change, the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (CCSA) has entered into an MOU with CRDC Global to support the replication of the CRDC Global/ PEDREGAL initiative launched June 20th 2022 in Costa Rica to select CCSA member countries. The collaboration will potentially see the establishment of partnerships with major concrete manufacturers and alliances with existing plastic collection projects in selected countries. It will also pursue the implementation of CRDC’s Bag that Builds program in select countries as well as the feasibility for the establishment of a small-scale RESIN8 commercial production plant with the potential to move to a full-scale commercial capacity plant in the region. 

The potential adoption of RESIN8 is in direct alignment with the CCSA’s goals to make the Caribbean the world’s first climate-smart zone through comprehensive net-zero and sustainability projects. The CCSA believes that cross-sectoral collaboration is the key to developing solutions to local climate challenges, and this partnership with CRDC is one step towards meeting these goals. 

RESIN8 is a breakthrough eco-aggregate made from mixed plastic waste. The product line currently boasts two variations: RESIN8 being the lightweight performance enhancing synthetic aggregate and RESIN8-C, the new concrete additive that efficiently delivers captured CO2 emissions into cement and bitumen binders. The product uniquely uses all types of discarded plastic (Resins 1-7) received from industrial, municipal and environmental waste streams. RESIN8 also has unique thermal properties that improve building insulation, making built structures more energy efficient. 

CRDC’s products have been accepted by the construction industry and are suitable for blocks and pavers, precast and poured in place concrete solutions offering a near and long-term environmentally friendly solution where the plastic industry waste stream becomes the raw material and value stream for the construction and building industry. It is already being used in Costa Rica, the USA, South Africa, UK, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Samoa. 

CCSA CEO Racquel Moses, states “We are excited to enter into discussions with CRDC Global, who are actively exploring and implementing solutions that bring us closer to net-zero. As a recycled product, RESIN8, is fully circular and regenerative at the end of its concrete life. It can be crushed and reused and has a low embodied energy production footprint. The launch of the plant in Costa Rica and the Bag That Builds, CRDC Global’s plastic recovery program is a model we are eager to scale across the region and is a natural build on the work of organizations such as Recycling Partners in Jamaica who are working to address the plastic dilemma”.