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Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference 2022: Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator Supports Call for Caribbean Single Energy Export Market

The Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference 2022 starts today, with stakeholders from across the region set to discuss the latest developments within the Caribbean’s energy sector. There are few opportunities to completely reinvent the economic base of a region, but the Caribbean is currently on the cusp of one. This year’s conference is being touted as a key event, as the implementation of a Caribbean Single Energy Export Market begins to gather support.

The Caribbean Single Energy Export Market is a vision for the region which will see countries connect in a multipoint, multi-directional pipeline of renewable energy contributed by Caribbean nations. The potential to create green hydrogen from an amalgamation of renewable energy sources including geothermal, offshore and onshore solar and wind, creates the potential for a new export industry.  Energy manufacturing expertise in the Southern Caribbean powered by Green Recovery investment in renewables in the Eastern Caribbean make this a distinct possibility. 

This project is one the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator believes could showcase the regional collaboration needed to fulfill the resiliency needs of the Caribbean. What originally looked like separate activities are in fact one opportunity to utilize our regional collaboration to create a completely new economic base. Today we present an exciting opportunity to join the Caribbean’s Single Energy Export Market workshop where by working together we can open our economies to the benefits of exporting renewable energy. 

The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator, whose main goal is to help transform the region’s economy by accelerating climate action and economic growth, is hosting this workshop to bring interested parties together in the spirit of collaboration.  The workshop will take place on Thursday, June 2nd between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on the final day of the  Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference 2022 which spans May 31st -2nd June, and will include a number of regional public and private sector stakeholders with an interest in what this market will become.


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